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Attractions in the surrounding area

Leisure activities in the region of Osnabrück

One of the biggest nature parks in Germany with over 70% of forest is located in middle of the region of Osnabrück. The region of Osnabrück is rich in wildlife. While the southern and eastern parts of the region are characterised by the mountain ranges of the Teutoburg Forest and the Wiehengebirge, there are beautiful park landscapes, flood plains and moor areas in the north. Especially the Artland in the northern district Osnabrück is known for its traditional farm and half-timbered culture.

What's going on around the Alfsee? The event calender for city and district Osnabrück.


Hase Bad & Varus thermal bath Bramsche

The Roman-style Varus thermal bath and the sun-drenched Hase Bad in Bramsche invite you enjoy sports, wellness and relaxation. Buy a ticket directly in the Alfsee Center and you will get a discounted entrance fee.

Visit the spas in Bramsche


Here you can experience water because everything is under one roof: action, sport and wellness. Fitness and health are also not neglected. Buy the ticket direclty in the Alfsee Center and you will get a discounted entrance fee.

Visit the Nettebad


Enjoy a walk with apakas in the surroundings of Alfsee. With your guest card you´ll recieve a reduced fee.

visit Alfpaka

Battle of the Teutoburg Forest Kalkriese

Join us on a journey to the past! In the discovery region Kalkriese in the region of Osnabrück there are archaeological excavations that point to the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest.

Visit Kalkriese Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

Museum in the monastery Bersenbrück

Accompany the three museum companions Abbess von Moltke, Amtmann Niemeyer and District Administrator Rothert through the history of our region in the museum in the monastery in Bersenbrück and immerse yourself in old times.©LKOS/U.Lewandowsky

Visit Museum of the monastery

Cloth-maker museum

Experience the great history of the textile production: from the former cloth-maker to today's modern textile industry.

Visit the cloth-maker museum 

Zoo Osnabrück

Here you can see over 2000 animals from about 300 species. The main focus of the zoo is on Africa. In addition to the Africa facilities the zoo also has an aquarium, a South America house and an underground zoo.

Visit the Zoo Osnabrück

Hot-air balloon ride over the Alfsee region

The special highlight of your holiday: a hot-air balloon ride. Spend your holiday high up in the air with a view over the Alfsee grounds and discover the region from a bird's eye view. An unforgettable experience. If you want to take part in a balloon ride with view of the Alfsee with 5 persons, please contact the balloon team. 

Visit the balloon team Mettingen

City stroll in Osnabrück

Osnabrück was founded by in 780 Charles the Great as a diocesan town . In 1648, the Peace of Westphalia was concluded in the town halls of the cities Münster and Osnabrück. That's why the city Osnabrück is also referred to as "city of peace".

Vistit the website of Osnabrück

Old town Osnabrück

The cobbled alleys of the old town in Osnabrück are narrow and winding. The visitors will discover old half-timbered houses, stoneworks , churches as well as the town hall of the Peace of Westfalia. Many buildings are from the period of the Classicism and Rococo. In the numerous cafés and pubs, the tourists can relax and enjoy themselves.

Guided city tours Osnabrück

Nature park Terra Vita

TERRA.vita is a nature and geo park. There are many hiking and bike routes on which visitors can experience and visit the beautiful and exiting corners around Osnabrück. On foot or by bike to dinosaur tracks, the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, the landscape park Piesberg and several other destinations.

Visit the nature park TERRA.vita

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