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The emergence of the Alfsee holiday and adventure park

As early as the 1960s, the Alfsee was planned as a rainwater retention basin to prevent flooding along the Hase. Initially it was planned to build the pool as a dry pool. However, it was absolutely necessary that the rainwater retention basin was not built as a dry basin, but was constantly filled with a certain water level. This was the only way to ensure the necessary attractiveness for those looking for local recreation and for overnight guests.

At the end of the 1970s, the first investments were made and the holiday home area Wulfetannen with 157 holiday home plots and the campsite, which was then opened on April 1st, 1980 with 341 parking spaces, were created. In 1981, the water ski facility at Dubbelausee (bathing lake) was added as the first attraction. In 1985 the start house was built and in the same year the first water ski competition was held at the Alfsee. In 1990 the European Championships took place at Alfsee. In 1992 the water ski shop was established. Axel Torbecke leased the area in 1997 and founded Alfsee Wasserski GmbH. The water ski facility is still the attraction for the Alfsee today. In the meantime, a second lift and a mini lift, which is particularly suitable for beginners, have been added.

From the end of the 1980s, private investors settled in the Alfsee area. In 1991 the Kinderautoland was created and a year later the go-kart track. Two gastronomic establishments were also built, one of which is a restaurant right next to the Alfsee sailing school and one on the Alfsee market square. With the construction of the Bullermeck Fun Center (play barn) in 2005, an additional indoor offer was created. In 2005, the Arche Alfsee, which takes care of the preservation of animal breeds threatened with extinction, was built. Visitors can get a comprehensive look at the pet park. In 2008, what was then the largest hedge maze in Germany was built in the immediate vicinity of the Arche Alfsee. Since then, these companies have continued to develop.

In addition to marketing several holiday home areas, the campsite was expanded by around 400 places in 2000/2001. The Alfsee holiday and adventure park now has over 750 campsites, 50% of which are occupied by tourists and 50% by permanent campers. There are also 12 caravans that can be rented. The youth hostel was also built in 2000 and expanded in 2012.

In the winter of 2002/2003, two apartment houses with a total of 16 apartments were built. Furthermore, in 2005 the existing youth campground was restructured into a beach camp facility. This has 7 Caribbean-style beach houses with a total of 94 beds.

The Alfsee GmbH has been running a restaurant and hotel with 18 double rooms since 2008. Furthermore, there is a small grocery store in the center as well as a shop for camping items, toys and a bicycle and Kettcar rental. Due to increasing demand, hotel operations were expanded in 2012, so that the 3-star superior Ringhotel Alfsee Piazza now has 46 rooms.

The Alfsee is a nature and bird sanctuary. So that sailing can only be practiced to a very limited extent and the sailing school was closed in 2012. The former boathouse was taken over by the Bersenbrück joint municipality. A nature conservation and education center has been created here. After only a short period of operation, the building burned down and is still being rebuilt today.

The resort is constantly evolving. Since 2015, a regional theme has played a major role in the Alfsee holiday and adventure park: The Germans. Because the Germans have always been at home here. Not far away, in the year 9 AD, the legendary Varus Battle took place in Kalkriese, in which the Roman legions of Varus were defeated. The Alfen, the elves of the Germanic peoples, have certainly stood by your side as good spirits. Now the alves have returned to the Alfsee and accompany visitors and holidaymakers on an exciting journey through time.

A wellness area was built in 2015. The Alfen Saunaland is directly attached to the hotel and has a swimming pool as well as various saunas, a fitness room and a salt grotto. Of course everything in the style of the Germans. Furthermore, the Alfen Saunaland is rounded off by a corresponding range of massages and cosmetics.

In 2018 the fabulous Germanenland was completed. Three Germanic villages with a total of 30 houses for 4-6 people invite you to immerse yourself in the world of the Germans. Because every house tells an exciting story about the life of the Germans as fishermen, potters or basket weavers and how it continues to have an impact today.

In the adjoining adventure world, a lagoon, climbing trunks, an oracle with a labyrinth and many other tricky tricks and stories are waiting to be discovered by children and adults. The adventure world is a true experience.

In winter 2021/22, the sanitary building 1 was demolished after more than 40 years and rebuilt according to the needs of the camping guests. At the same time, the supply lines on the square will be renewed. Through its constant investments and expansions, the Alfsee Ferien- und Erlebnispark has managed to be a flagship in the camping industry for years and, in addition to its 5-star superior classification, also has numerous ratings such as that of the ADAC Superplatz.

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