Discover the Osnabrück Land

The Alfsee is located at the heart of the Osnabrück Land, a region that has always been known for its beautiful landscapes and friendly people. Experience entertaining events directly in our holiday & leisure park, enjoy the comprehensive sports offer or relax in our spa, the rustic Alfen Saunaland. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to activities in the Osnabrück Land.

The “Abenteuerwelt Germanenland”

Magical Adventures

Adventures in “The Germanic Land”

Immerse yourself in the fabulous world of that time. “Playing and experiencing” is the theme of the adventure world in the Germanic Land on Alfsee. The full holiday pleasure begins with no trace of everyday life. The adventure world lets the imagination of the old and young guests run wild. Belly runs, a dexterity spacour, a lagoon, a lookout tower, a labyrinth with oracles as well as many other tricky tricks and history – of course in the design of that time – are waiting to be discovered. The Langhaus offers culinary events.

The “Alfen Saunaland” reopening 10th September 2021

Magical Relaxation

Sauna Experience in the Osnabrück Land

The new spa and wellness world at the Alfsee offers different saunas, steam baths, onpourings, a salt grotto, a fitness studio, beauty treatments and massages. It’s a true paradise for anyone seeking relaxation. The spa is designed to let you experience the mysterious world of the old Germanic tribes and features decades old logs, fantastic murals and a mystic fireplace. The “Alfen”, which is what elves were called in Germanic times, lent their name to this marvelous place. The spa and wellness offers include not only classic treatments, but also Germanic specialties, such as the Germanic Gold Massage.

The Alfen Saunaland in the Alfsee Holiday & Leisure Park is connected to the 3-Star Superior Ringhotel Alfsee Piazza, but can also be accessed directly via the main entrance.


Experiences and Discoveries at the Alfsee

Numerous Leisure Activities Right Here at the Alfsee

The Alfsee is a marvelous place for young and old alike. Our waterski cableway and beach arena directly at our bathing lake are just some of our many attractions. You will also love the Germanic Adventure World, the Bullermeck Indoor Funcenter, the kart center, the “Erlebnisland” (experience land) with its circular labyrinth, and the “Kinderautoland” (children’s car land). Our Piazza offers spectacular events, such as the 24-hour mountainbike race.

But there is even more to do in the region: Swingolf, quad and draisine rides, the climbing park, museums, and Osnabrück, the city of peace, are just a short drive away. In direct proximity to the Alfsee, the Teutons defeated the Roman army in the famous Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D. In the “Museum und Park Kalkriese”, you can learn more about this historic event and experience history. Or take a look at the numerous marvelous half-timbered farms, which are typical for the Artland, the region north of the Alfsee. Learn more about the history of cloth making in the “Tuchmachermuseum” (cloth makers’ museum).

Alfen Saunaland

The “Alfen Saunaland”

A journey through time to a magical spa world: Saunaland Brochureand Massage Treatments

camping-alfsee niedersachsen-4

Bullermeck Fun Center

The BULLERMECK-ALFSEE-Funcenter is located in the heart of the Alfsee Park. It is a leisure paradise on 3500 m² (0.86 acres) that features numerous opportunities for fun and games.

camping-alfsee Irrgarten

“Erlebnisland” (experience land) – Labyrinth

Experience Germany’s largest circular labyrinth! But there are also other attractions, such as the petting zoo, the giant straw pyramid and the large digging and mud corner.

Wasserspielplatz 2

Germanen AbenteuerWelt – The Germanic Adventure World

Numerous riddles and stories, climbing fun, water games, the oracle and the labyrinth – this place is not only fun for kids, but adults can also make new discoveries and have a good time here.

Eröffnung und Tag der offenen Tür im Natur- und Bildngszentrum (NBZ) Alfsee


Nature Education Centre

Unfortunately, due to a fire, NBZ was totally destroyed and is going to be rebuild.

Kart am Alfsee

Kart Racing

The 601-meter kart racing circuit is exciting for children and adults alike.

camping-alfsee Haustierpark Arche Alfsee

Pet Park

Our petting zoo, the “Haustierpark”, is home to numerous old pet breeds that have become rare and close to extinction.

Alfsee Ferien & Erholungspark Rieste Badesee

Beach Arena

Glide on the water on a modern waterski cableway. The clear water and a white sandy beach also invite you to go for a swim and relax.

camping-alfsee Kinderautoland

The “Kinderautoland” (the children’s car land)

You can let your child behind the wheel for once on this more than 100-meters long course where they can stir and go up to 10 km/h.

Organized Entertainment

For Old and Young

Family Vacations at the Alfsee

Happy children = relaxed parents. We have the solution for your equation at the Alfsee Holiday & Leisure Park. About 60 ha offer a lot of space to run and play far from traffic. Numerous leisure opportunities and daily organized children’s entertainment make sure that your kids will never get bored.
Families can look forward to a family-friendly environment.


  • Children’s World “Kuddel-Muddel-Land”
  • During the main season, children’s entertainment is offered daily
  • 6 playgrounds
  • Children’s search service
  • Visits for sick children
  • Sanitary building “Kinderland” (children’s land)

The Kuddel-Muddel-Land

  • Clown show with Ati
  • Children’s musical week
  • Pirate Day
  • Shuffle Board
  • Dart
  • Children’s parties
  • Handicrafts
  • Monster feeding time
  • Children’s bingo
  • Memory
  • Mölky…

Fitness Offers

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Yoga
  • Aqua fitness
  • fitness room at Alfen Saunaland

The Osnabrück Land

Our Home and it’s Natural Beauty

The Osnabrück Land

The Osnabrück Land is home to Germany’s largest nature park with more than 70% forest. The region has a rich flora and fauna. While the southern and eastern part of the Osnabrück Land is mostly dominated by the Teutoburg Forest, the north offers beautiful parks, river meadows and swamps. Especially the Artland in the north of the administrative district of Osnabrück is known for its traditional farms and half-timbered houses.
What’s up Around the Alfsee? The Event Calendar for Osnabrück and the administrative district.

Activities in the Osnabrück Land
Alfsee Ferien & Erholungspark Rieste Wald

Nature Park Terra Vita

TERRA.vita is a nature and geo park. The park offers numerous hiking and bike trails that let visitors enjoy the beautiful and exciting places around Osnabrück. Hike or ride your bike in the tracks of dinosaurs, to the place where the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest took place, to the Landschaftspark Piesberg and numerous other destinations.

Alfsee Ferien & Erholungspark Rieste Museum

Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
Join us on a journey to the past! Archaeologists are uncovering interesting objects that are believed to be related to the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest the region “Kalkriese” in the Osnabrück Land.

camping-alfsee Osnabrück


Osnabrück was built as a bishop’s seat by Charles the Great in the year 780. In 1648, the town halls of Münster and Osnabrück signed a series of peace treaties that would end the European wars of religion and become known as the Peace of Westphalia. This is why Osnabrück is also known as the “Friedensstadt” (city of peace).

Alfsee Ferien & Erholungspark Rieste Zoo Osnabrück


Visit 2000 animals of 300 kinds at the Osnabrück zoo. The main focus of the zoo lies on African animals. In addition to the Africa facilities, there is also an aquarium, a South-America house and the underground zoo.

Alfsee Ferien & Erholungspark Rieste Spuren Lesen


You will get a comprehensive impression of the beautiful Artland on the region’s website. Swingolf, draisine rides, cider production, farm cafés and many more things to see and do.

Tuchmacher Museum in Bramsche

Cloth-Making Museum

Experience the grand history of cloth making: From the early cloth making craft to the modern textile industry.

camping-alfsee Osnabrück Heger Tor

Old Town of Osnabrück

The cobble-stone alleys of Osnabrück’s old town center are narrow and crooked. Visitors can discover old half-timbered houses, works of stone masonry, churches as well as the town hall where the Peace of Westphalia was achieved. Many of the buildings are also built in a classicist or rococo style. And you can sit down and take a break from your stroll in one of the numerous cafés and bars.

Alfsee Ferien & Erholungspark Rieste Wald

Forest Climbing Park

In the Kletterwald Osnabrück in the beautiful Nettetal, you will experience unforgettable adventures!
Climb up to 13 meters high in the popular climbing park!

Alfsee Ferien & Erholungspark Rieste Radtour

Draisine Rides

The stations in Bippen and Fürstenau offer a total of 20 rail-cycle draisines for 2 to 4 people. Both sections are about 8-10 kilometers long and the ride takes about an hour. This means that the tour takes about 3 hours in total including breaks.

Hasebad in Bramsche

The “Varus Therme”

The Varus Therme, a thermal spa with Roman design, and the bright Hase Bad, the swimming center, invite you to get some exercise, have fun, and relax.

camping-alfsee Nettebad Osnabrück

The Nettebad

Experience water and everything it has to offer: action, sport and spa. Fitness and health are also taken care of.

Alfsee Ferien & Erholungspark Rieste Wald

Botanic Garden

In the Botanical Garden you can see approx. 8000 plants from all around the world. The Amazon Rainforrest House is home to 800 tropical plants from Central and South America.

Biking & Hiking Tours

Discover Beautiful Tours

Bikers’ Paradise Alfsee

The Alfsee Holiday & Leisure Park is an especially attractive place for bikers. Soft hills, vast plains, wonderful flora and little traffic. Beautiful cities, towns, villages, and castles. We have put together interesting tours that you can easily manage on one day. We rent out bikes and e-bikes. The new network of tracks as well as maps and a navigation device for your bike will make sure that you have no trouble getting to where you wish to go. New and well-proven hiking routs are a pleasant addition to what the Alfsee has to offer. The “Hüneweg” is probably the most well-known hiking trail in the region. But nature enthusiasts will also find lovely trails right along the lake.


Alfsee Tour

You visit Rieste with its pilgrimage commandery “Lage” and you pass through Bersenbrück. A visit to the historic area around the abbey’s gate is highly advisable. The tour continues through the hills of the Ankum Heights in the direction of Alfhausen. This 41.1-kilometer route can be easily combined with another themed route.  Alfseetour

Alfsee Ferien & Erholungspark Rieste Familie

The “Hüneweg”

Hike a fascinating nature and farming landscape in the north of the Osnabrück Land! The trail is named “Hüne” (giant) for the large megalithic graves that give this hiking route its special charm.

Alfsee Ferien & Erholungspark Rieste Radtour

Garden Dream Tour

The Garden Dream Tour lets bike hikers and dream gardeners experience the lovely landscape and interesting cultural sights of the Varus region. Gartentraumtour

Alfsee Ferien & Erholungspark Rieste Familie

The “Hasetal” Valley

No matter if you prefer a bike tour along the Hase and the Ems or if you would like to ride a draisine. Anyone who likes bike tours should experience the beautiful Hasetal in the north of the administrative district of Osnabrück.


Tour #1: In the Footsteps of Nature

Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 11 km
Start and End of Tour: Alfsee-Center
Please Note: Follow the path that goes along the dike.

This tour goes all the way around the Alfsee. It features different types of landscapes – both man-made and restored to their natural state. You will have numerous opportunities to experience the beautiful natural environment.
The Parts of the Tour:

Nature Reserve

The area was established together with the Alfsee. More than 30 years ago, the Alfsee was created as a flood control reservoir.
This part was an additional reservoir. However, things have changed over the course of time. This area has become a valuable wetland and nature reserve, which is a refuge for numerous animals, especially water fowl.
It has become a breeding ground to numerous interesting kinds of birds. With a little bit of luck, you may see a rare kingfisher.


Biologic Station Haseniederung

If you would like to learn more about the Alfsee and the influence that people have on nature and the landscape, we recommend you take a trip to the Biologic Station Haseniederung. Environmental education with regards to this region is the main focus of the station – this is a particularly attractive offer for schools. In addition, there are field trips with interesting opportunities to learn first-hand. The listed building that holds the station has been renovated using organic materials and methods. The lovely garden around the former farm was designed as a nature garden that includes vegetables, herbs and flower beds as well as a winter refuge for insects and an educational bee hive.


The Alfsee

The Hase flooded the meadows at lower altitudes in the region regularly for centuries. Even minimal flooding would have been a threat to increasingly more settlements. In order to keep back the water and prevent flooding, the Alfsee was created. More than 30 years ago, virtually nobody would have thought that it would one day become a popular destination for those seeking fun and relaxation. At the same time, the Alfsee is a refuge of international importance for all kinds of water birds and popular among fishers. However, the Alfsee is still being used to regulate the water level and prevent floods.
With 20.8 million cubic meters of capacity, the Alfsee is one of the largest such reservoirs in Lower Saxony.


The “Seeterrassen” – the Lake Terraces

With a direct view of the lake, the Seeterrassen invite you to enjoy one of the excellent coffee specialties that are offered there. Creativity knows no limits when it comes to taste.
Ice Chocolate Macchiato, Karamell Cappuccino or a classic Espresso. And for anyone who thinks this is not enough variety to choose from, we have the perfect recommendation: The Seebrise… a special beverage made of milk froth, orange juice, sparkling wine, and a small secret recipe. Cake fresh from the oven and unique creations perfect the menu, this includes the Alfsee dike cake, but also dishes like the fresh baguette or the Mediterranean tomato soup. Children love the playground and the nature miniature golf court. Directly at the boatyard with an excellent view of the lake.

Tours #2 & #3: Rieste Circular Bike Tours “Ort” (town) and “Land” (rural)

Tour #2: Rieste Circular Bike Tour „Ort”
Duration: 1 hour
Distance: 15.36 km
Start and End of Tour: Alfsee-Center
Signs: follow the green circle

Tour #3: Riester Circular Bike Tour „Land”
Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 26.55 km
Start and End of Tour: Alfsee-Center
Signs: follow the blue diamonds

Nature, fields, gardens, forests and waterways, historic buildings, modern business facilities, and interesting recreational areas.
Ride your bike past local landmarks and get to know Rieste and the area more closely on your tour.
The Parts of the Tour:

The Lutheranian Emmaus Chapel

Construction work started in 1912. One year later, the chapel was opened by and for the Protestants of Rieste. The interiors feature painted walls in the Art Nouveau style. The chapel is named with respect to the choir-loft window behind the altar that features the Emmaus scene.
Address: Sögelner Straße 3, 49597 Rieste


Rieste’s Center

The school building, which is more than 100 years old, adorns the center of Rieste. It has been a major landmark for the municipality for generations with its two pediments and a central structure that faces the street. Other landmarks include the fire station and the town hall
which was built in 2005 right in front of the train station Right at the river Hase, there is a memorial to the 750-year anniversary that was celebrated in 1995. You can also sit down and take a rest here.


Lage – Place of Pilgrimage

Rieste’s history can be traced back to 1245. The Order of St John had an important commandery in Lage.
The pilgrimage site of Lage can be reached via the gate known as the “Lager Tor” from the west. This gate is also featured on the coat of arms.
After it had been used as a hotel for a few years, the diocese of Osnabrück bought the commandery back and gave it to the Dominicans “Zum Gekreuziten Erlöser” (to the crucified savior).
In addition to the monastery, there is also the catholic pilgrimage church St. Johannes der Täufer (John the Baptist) built in 1426. The tower was built in 1904.
The church is richly decorated and features three baroque altars as well as a Gothic vault, which was decorated with ornamental plasterwork in 1733. The most important element of the church is the life-size cross, the “Heiliges Kreuz zu Lage” (Lage’s holy cross) that dates back to about 1300. The believers still carry the cross, which weighs 134kg, around the church and pray for the sick.
Address: Katholische Kirchengemeinde „St. Johannes der Täufer“ Lage 7 • 49597 Rieste •
Phone +49 (0) 5464 91080 •
The Rieste Circular Bike Tour “Land” also lets you discover the close surroundings, including the beautiful municipality of Bieste and the “Marienkapelle” (chapel of Mary) as well as the intercommunal business park, the “Niedersachsenpark”.

Tour #4: Alfsee Tour

Duration: 5 hours
Distance: 41 km
Start and End of Tour: Alfsee-Center
The First Part of the Tour: Rieste – Bersenbrück
Way Back: Bersenbrück – Alfhausen – Rieste
Signs: follow the red sails

You visit Rieste with its pilgrimage commandery “Lage” and you pass through Bersenbrück. The historic part around the monastery gate as well as the museum of the administrative district of Osnabrück are worth a visit. The tour continues through the hills of the Ankum Heights in the direction of Alfhausen.
The Parts of the Tour:

Bieste’s Chapel

Built in 1926, the “Kapelle St. Marien” (chapel of Mary) is located in the beautiful village of Bieste. In the course of the years, a number of improvements and renovation works have been implemented.
Address: Kapellenweg • 49597 Rieste


Pilgrimage Site Commandery Lage

The pilgrimage and perish church in Lage-Rieste features a life-size crucifix from the 14th century.
The rosary garden in the inner court is also worth a visit.
Address: Kommende Lage 6 • 49597 Rieste


St. Johanniskirche in Alfhausen

The interiors are from Gothic times, just like the “Bentheimer Taufstein” (baptism stone of Bentheim) and the “Strahlenmadonna” (an iconic Madonna) that dates back to 1517.
Around the church, several densely built little houses have become to appear as a kind of wall around the church. Address: Kirchhof • 49594 Rieste.
Built in 1926, the “Kapelle St. Marien” (chapel of Mary) is located in the beautiful village of Bieste. In the course of the years, a number of improvements and renovation works have been implemented.
Address: Kapellenweg • 49597 Rieste


St. Vincentius-Kirche

St. Vincentius was built in the 12th century, which is why the church is built in the so-called “transitional style”, which indicates the transition from Romanticism to the Gothic style.
Address: Stiftshof • 49593 Bersenbrück


Museum of the Administrative District Osnabrück

Based in a former farm building of the monastery that was established in 1231, the museum’s origins go back more than half a century. Its founder and supporter was district administrator Dr. Hermann Rothert.
Address: Stiftshof 4 • 49593 Bersenbrück

Tour #5: Roman and Germanic Tour

Duration: 10 hours
Distance: 48 km
Start and End of Tour: Alfsee-Center
The First Part of the Tour: Rieste – Malgarten – Kalkriese
Way Back: Kalkriese – Bramsche- Rieste
Signs: follow the BR 3

LHistorians tried to find out the true battle field of the
Battle of the Teutoburg Forest There was a lot of speculation but little was known…
…This changed only about 20 years.
The Parts of the Tour:

Historic Background

Roman troops had occupied large parts of Germania. In the year 9 AD, Germanic tribes lured the Roman army led by Publius Quinctilius Varis into an ambush. The Cheruskan Arminius was the mind behind the plot. In the following three days, the 17th, 18th and 19th legion were cut down – more than 10,000 people lost their lives. This devastating defeat became known as the Varian Disaster.
Today, the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in the Osnabrück Land has become the object of international attention and a European cultural heritage. An extraordinary exhibition about what happened during the time of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, based on modern media, tells the story of this unique place in a way that makes it relatable. Visitors are offered an overview of what historic research has uncovered so far. The highlight of the collection is the impressive helmet mask that belonged to a Roman horseback rider. Since 2009, the new visitor center on the upper floor of the building features special exhibitions that change regularly. Today, Kalkriese is one of the most important sites of excavation in Europe.


Opening Hours: Museum und Park Kalkriese

April – October: 10 AM – 6 PM daily
November – March: closed on Mondays; Tuesday to Sunday 10 to 5 PM
Entrance Fee: Adults: €9.50 ; children up to 16 years of age, students, severely disabled persons: €6.50; families (2 adults and children): €20 public guided tour: €3

Public Guided Tours

November to 31 March:
Sunday and holidays 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM; Saturdays 2:30 PM
April to 31 October:
Daily 2:30 PM; Sunday and holidays 11:00 AM
Guided tours for groups on request
Requests for Guided Tours: Call +49 (0) 5468 9204200 (Fax +49 (0) 5468 920445) or the Alfsee Center: +49 (0) 5464 92120
or send an e-mail to


Another Great Place to Visit in This Area

The “Tuchmacher Museum Bramsche” – the Cloth Making Museum in Bramsche The cloth makers of Bramsche were very important for more than 400 years.
A popular color was called “Bramscher Rot” (red from Bramsch) back then. The award-winning cloth making museum allows you a glance at this attractive part of history.


Opening Hours: Tuchmacher Museum Bramsche

Tuesday to Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM
Entrance Fee: Adults: €5 ; Discount: €3 children up to 18 years free of charge; guided tours: €2
Public Guided Tours:
Sundays and holidays 11:00 AM; tours for groups on request
Address: Tuchmacher Museum Bramsche, Mühlenort 6 • 49565 Bramsche, Telephone +49 (0) 5461 94510
Tourist Information: +49 (0) 5461 945110

Tour #6: Garden Dreams

Duration: 8 hours
Distance: 36.6 km
Start and End of Tour: Alfsee-Center
The First Part of the Tour: Rieste – Malgarten – Bramsche
Way Back: Bramsche – Rieste
Signs: follow the rose

The first part of the 170-kilometer Garden Dream Tour leads you to some extraordinary gardens.
Maybe you will let yourself be inspired and gain new ideas or you can talk a bit about garden topics, or you simply enjoy the natural beauty.
The Parts of the Tour:

Rosary Garden Rieste-Lage

In 1994 and 1995, the inner part of the commandery in Lage was made a rosary garden. The garden is part of the orchard and has a classic square-shaped appearance. The flora in this garden is dominated by shrub roses, climbing roses, and herbaceous plants, such as lavender and sage.
15 shrines, framed by roses, remind of the rosary’s mysteries and are especially worshiped in Mai and October.
Opening hours: year-round, open all day
Address: Katholische Kirchengemeinde „St. Johannes der Täufer“ Lage 7 • 49597 Rieste •
Telephone: +49 (0) 5464 91080 •;


“Rohdes Heuerhaus-Garten”

Built in 1627, the Heuerhaus was carefully restored by the Rohde family in 1982. At the same time, the typical farm garden with its century-old oaks was put into its excellent state stat includes the typically shaped yew trees, the boxwood balls, and circular flower beds with perennial plants. The rose-entwined pavilion is especially beautiful. Visitors of the garden can also eat delicious cake and enjoy fresh coffee at the “Heuerhaus-Café”.
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Sunday from 2 PM or on request by telephone.
Address: Café „Rohdes Heuerhaus“ • Suthaarstraße 10 49597 Rieste •
Telephone: +49 (0) 5464 5468


The Garden of Herbaceous Plants and Herbs at the Monastery of Malgarten

The explicitly symmetric and geometric cut of the garden is loosened up by the lush herbaceous plants.
The mix of ornamental and edible plants is similar to a farm garden. It is barrier-free, since its caretaker uses a wheelchair herself to groom and enjoy the garden.
Opening Hours: on request by telephone; Entrance Fee: €2 per person, guided tour (one hour) €40
Address: Gartenarchitektin Silke Schwarz • Am Kloster 2a(im ehem. Kloster Malgarten) • 49565 Bramsche-Malgarten
Telephone: +49 (0) 5461 9697750 (answering machine)


Marlis Mörker’s Rose Garden

This rose garden with its quaint places are painter Marlis Mörker’s source of inspiration for her paintings.
Roses are her favorite. She will gladly show you her watercolor paintings based on motives from the garden.
Opening Hours: 10 AM to 7 PM, open on request by telephone
Address: Theodor-Heuss-Ring 11 • 49565 Bramsche
Telephone: +49 (0)5461 3343 or +49 (0) 172 4188086


Nature Garden at the Alfsee

The nature garden with its elements and information is meant to educate and especially to demonstrate the garden as a natural habitat and its ecological meaning for humans and animals. At the same time, it is a place for garden visitors to exchange ideas.
Opening Hours: Information by telephone and on the homepage
Entrance Fee: Groups on request; we would be happy about a donation
Address: Biologische Station Haseniederung e.V.; J. Christiansen • Alfseestraße 291 • 49594 Alfhausen •
Telephone: +49 (0) 5464 5090 •


Please note:
A small segment of this tour does not have signs that you can follow. When you arrive in Bramsche, you will have to follow the Hase and cross the third bridge after the Hase Lake (on the dike), then follow the Kuhstraße until it crosses the Münsterstraße.
Then turn right onto the Münsterstraße from where you can continue to follow the signs of the Garden Dream Tour in the direction of Alfsee.
We will gladly provide additional information on the entire Garden Dream Tour and other tours through the Osnabrück Land at the Alfsee reception or from the “Tourismusverband Osnabrücker Land e.V.”
Telephone: +49 (0) 54 323-4570
and +49 (0) 5464 5090 •

Tour #7: The Contemplative Way to Visit Vörden

Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 25.83 km
Start and End of Tour: Alfsee-Center
The First Part of the Tour: Rieste – Neuenkirchen
Way Back: Vörden – Rieste
Signs: follow the lake symbol

You will get to know the landscape and the villages around the Alfsee on this tour. This tour is ideal for you if you who would like to warm up or do a little tour in between when you feel that you are not in the best shape today, don’t have much time or if you would like to spend a bit more time somewhere along the way.
This route is part of the lake tour that connects the Alfsee and the Dümmer.
The Parts of the Tour:


This Neuenkirchen should not be confused with the village of the same name just a few kilometers south-west of the Alfsee. This one is located at the southern end of the leisure area Damme Hills, a region in the Oldenburg Münsterland and the Dümmer Nature Park. The towers of both the Catholic and the Protestant church right next to each other are clearly visible. The “Kulturbahnhof” (culture train station) hosts concerts, cabaret and theater plays regularly.



Like Neukirchen, with which it makes up a municipality, Vörden is located outside of the Osnabrück Land. The quaint village, which was first mentioned in a document in 1341, has a special charm. The lovingly decorated village center with the castle yard of the former “Stiftsburg” and the castle moat are just as much worth a visit as the historic “Ackerbürgerhaus” and the Butchery Museum (open every first Sunday of the month 2 to 6PM; for guided tours, please contact the local village association, the Heimatverein Vörden: +49 (0) 5495 9130).


The Café Bauerndiele

On the way back, you can take a break and visit the café or, if it’s a warm day, the garden terrace to enjoy home-made cake or crispy country bread with ham and locally produced cold cuts. The interiors were lovingly decorated and furnished with antique farm furniture.
Address: Monika Becker • Riester Damm 8 • 49434 Vörden
Telephone: +49 (0)5495 740 • Fax: +49 (0) 5495 952624


Please note:

In order to experience this bike tour, please follow the lake tour to the Severinghausener Straße. Follow the road until it crosses the Westruper Straße.
Turn right into the Westruper Straße and follow it to the center of Vörden (traffic rotary). Here, you take the Osnabrücker Straße and continue to follow the tour signs.

“Kirche unterwegs” – Church on the Way

About us…

The church tent and the bell tower on the lawn behind the playground are visible from afar. You can experience a different approach to church here. Volunteers plan a versatile program for young and old. The church tent offers space for encounters – with god, with yourself, with other guests. You are welcome to come to one of our events and enjoy the calm and personal space in silence and prayer.

Our Schedule

In the summer of 2019, our church services were held during the school holidays of Lower Saxony.

We offer children’s bedtime stories at 6:45 PM on all days of the week except (Tuesday and Sunday). In addition, we invite you to join our fun and games in the morning (please refer to our weekly schedule for details).

On Sundays, we hold services with all guests at 6 PM. Children often help with the preparations.
On Tuesdays and Fridays, you are welcome to join us to sing with us in the tent and end the day in a contemplative way.


We are always happy about people who would like to join in. Don’t hesitate to speak to members of our team if you would like to become an active participant of our project.

For additional information, please refer to

Organizers & Churches

Church Service

In Lage/Rieste: Catholic church St. Johannes Saturdays 5:00 PM, Lutheranian church Emmaus Chappel every other Sunday 10:30 AM

…In Vörden: Catholic church St. Paulus Apostel on  Sunday 10:00 AM Lutheranian Church St. Christophorus Sunday 10:00 AM.

The pastors not only have years of experience in Vörden, Lage/Rieste and at the Alfsee, they also offer spiritual care and other religious services. No matter if you are seeking a personal conversation, a ministration or an additional service, please contact the Pfarrhaus or refer to the Alfsee-Center.

Contact Information: Pfarrhaus Lage-Rieste
Lage 7, 49597 Rieste
Tel.: 05464 91080

Ev.-luth. St. Christophorus Vörden
Große Hinterstrasse 13
49434 Vörden
Tel.: 05494 238