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Alfen sauna and wellness facilities at the Alfsee

Your sauna in the area of Osnabrück

Alfen Saunaland – the extraordinary sauna in the northern district of Osnabrück. Always an experience!

Take a sauna, relax, enjoy the warmth: In the square between Osnabrück, Emsland, Oldenburger Münsterland and the Dümmer, a sauna facility with feel-good atmosphere awaits passionate sauna fans – the Alfen Saunaland. The route to our attractive sauna in the area of Osnabrück is definitely worth it. Relaxation is guaranteed. No matter what’s your favourite way to get sweaty – you will find your favourite in our wide range of offers at the Alfsee near Osnabrück for sure. And if you have just discovered their enthusiasm for taking a sauna will find everything you need in the Alfen Saunaland to do body and mind a favor. Relax, let loose, recharge- in your sauna in the area of Osnabrück.

The scenery alone is unique: the design of the Alfen Saunaland is inspired by the legendary world of the Teutons. Here, in the northern district Osnabrück and not far away from the Alfsee, the united Teutons defeated the legions of the Roman general Varus. Their victory under the lead of the Cheruscan Prince Arminius became a myth.

The exceptional and connected to the nature grounds of the sauna in the area of Osnabrück in the appearance of a Teutonic village bring this time back to life. Come in and go on a journey through time that is as exciting as it is relaxing. And above all: Leave the stress of your daily life behind you in our diverse sauna facilities.

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Sweat and relax - in the legendary sauna facilities at the Alfsee

What does our sauna in the area of Osnabrück, which is easily accessible from all directions, have to offer for sauna fans? Shortly: the offer keeps what the scenery promises – an exciting, widely ranged programme in a legendary sauna facility. Let’s start with a very special sauna experience: our unique two-storied Finnish sauna SAGA  offers you two temperature ranges. Relax downstairs at about 60°C and upstairs at about 98°C. The outdoor sauna RINDA is designed as an earth sauna. Enjoy the pleasant wood smell and the flame of the fireplace in this Finnish sauna made of 400 years old kelo wood at approx. 82°C. As an ecologic sauna, the herbal sauna  KATLA spoils you with aromatic infusions and a wonderful panoramic view at about 65°C.

The steam bath SAANA supports your health at pleasant 45 degrees and up to 100% air humidity in three ways: it helps with the healing of airways, alleviates rheumatic complaints and cleanses the skin deep in the pores. Or take advantage of another offer of the Alfen Saunaland: relax at 80 degrees in our igloo sauna FREYA that was built from natural wood.

The swimming pool LUMI offers an unique atmosphere in which the pleasant effect of the in the water integrated massage jets enhance your well-being. Moreover, an often visited highlight of the sauna in the area of Osnabrück is the salt cave AURORA. Here your airways are freed, you can recharge your vitality and relax as by the sea. The salt cave belongs to the textile area and can be booked separately from the sauna. Look forward to our sauna events, where you can enjoy the special infusions with all senses. Over and over again. After every sauna session, you can find relaxation in the outdoor area on the terrace or in the wellness oases.

Original sauna in the area of Osnabrück – and great offers in the holiday park

A generous sauna facility with attractive variations is by far not the only thing you can be excited for when visiting our sauna in the area of Osnabrück. We also offer a wide range of treatments in the areas massage, wellness and cosmetics, always according to your individual needs. Welcome to our wellness day, which is always very popular.

Relaxation for body and soul: the treats may also not be forgotten. Experience the variety of catering at the Alfsee during your visit of the sauna in the area of Osnabrück. The newly opened Restaurant Feingeist, the Grill-Eck and the Langhaus in the Germanenland offer a big selection of culinary delights: hearty cuisine, pizza, burgers & Co. or seasonal specialities of the region and Mediterranean cuisine.

You are a passionate camper and also enjoy to take a sauna on your holidays? Alfen Saunaland makes both possible. Here you have – very charmingly located at the Alfsee – a first-class camp site right next to the sauna in the area of Osnabrück. Campsite with a sauna: this combination is in demand and attracts guests from outside the borders of Lower Saxony every year.

Sleeping like the Teutons: holiday homes in the Teutonic style – combined with contemporary comfort – invite to a relaxing time travel. Or you stay the night in one of the original, octagonal and beautifully located apartments.

And if you prefer a stay in a hotel, the family-friendly 3 star Superior Ringhotel Piazza is available for you. Very comfortable with direct access to the sauna.

Our tip: Gift cards for a visit in the sauna in the area of Osnabrück are very popular. Fell free to ask us about the sauna giftcards.

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