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Taking a sauna & relaxing

Start your wellness time in the sauna hall and let yourself be guided into the Finnish sauna. Get to know the herbal sauna characterised by moderate temperatures and enjoy the calming effect of aromatic infusions, personally by our team. After your first sauna session, you can find relaxation in the outdoor area. Listen to the crackling sound of burning wood on benches near a fireplace. 

You can enjoy another special experience in the salt cave that frees your airways and lets you breathe deeply again. Cool off in the diving pool. Recharge your batteries for another relaxed sauna session with the help of the particularly soothing atmosphere of the mystical landscape. Enjoy the infusions with which the Alfen Saunaland staff sends you on a very special journey of relaxation.


Finnish Sauna Saga

In our unique two-storied Finnish sauna you can relax legendarily at about 60° C downstairs and at about 98° C upstairs. Your cardiovascular system will be strengthened, your blood circulation will be boosted and your body will purified.

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Outdoor sauna Rinda

Relax like a Teuton legendarily in our earth sauna. A Finnish sauna made of 400 years old kelo wood expects you at about 82°C. Relax with the pleasant smell of wood and soothe your senses while watching the flames in the fireplace.

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Igloo sauna Freya

Relax legendarily like a Teuton in our igloo cabin. At 80°C you can enjoy the sauna made of natural wood.

Herbal sauna Katla

The ecologic sauna enchants you at about 65° C with aromatic infusions and an unique panorama view. Experience the soothing and regenerating effect of a particularly well-tolerable kind of sauna. At the same time, you boost your health.

Steam bath Saana

The beneficial effect of the steam spoils your body and soul at pleasant 45° C. The air humidity of up to 100% heals your airways, alleviates rheumatic complaints and cleanses the skin deep in the pores.

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